Copella is a Greek word meaning sophisticated, beautiful girl. This is how designer and owner, Lia Moraitakis, wants you to feel when you are wearing one of her pieces. She is inspired by jewelry and adornments from around the world, be it Grecian coined costumes, dainty vintage and estate pieces from flea markets, loud and layered tribal necklaces, or simply the bright baubles she’s picked up along the way.

Lia was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up on art lessons and classes ranging from painting and photography to calligraphy and ceramics. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2009 where she studied art history and interior design, but the art classes and desire to create did not stop there. Copella Designs began in 2010 after one of her frequent buying trips to antique markets where she always stopped to admire the assortment of stones and hardware. Wanting to incorporate her personal sense of style and a growing need for a new artistic outlet, Lia began creating and crafting bracelets and earrings for her family and friends.

Staying true to her roots, the Greek coins incorporated into many Copella bracelets are imported from her relatives across the pond and are a unique and defining attribute to Copella Designs. One thing you won’t find missing from this line is color, especially turquoise, as the designer does not leave the house without it somewhere in her attire. The line is simple and versatile with pieces for everyday outfits or a special night out.

What started as an admiration for beautiful design and colorful construction has developed into a jewelry business that is now a household name for young ladies and trendy women.

So girl, get you some Copella.